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Tartu Budo Club in a Nutshell





Welcome to the Tartu Budo Club!


Who we are...

Tartu Budo Club was established in 2002 after its predecessor, self-defense section of Tartu City Youth Center was disbanded due to restructuring after some 8 years of successful existence. The club is a non-profit organization.


What we do...


Today Tartu Budo Club unites the enthusiasts of 5 different more or less oriental and martial arts or health related disciplines. The Karate Division is the most populous structure and the teaching staff is committed to teach a very practical self-defense oriented program to adults as well as kids. The curriculum is based on Koryu Uchinadi karate jutsu - a contemporary systematized interpretation of old-school Okinawan karate that encompasses all fighting distances and groups of techniques: impacting (strikes, punches, kicks, blocks), joint manipulation, balance displacement, strangulation, and ground fighting. ku_est

Tartu Budo Club is the official Koryu Uchinadi dojo in Estonia and is affiliated with the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society. In addition, the staff at Karate Division is proficient in Shotokan - a combination that allows us to help the Shotokan practitioners explore the hidden practical applications of their kata and thus develop a better understanding of karate. Came to Estonia but did not bring your gi? Not a problem. We usually do not wear them to class anyways.

Those interested can also practice Chinese wellness discipline Qigong as well as learn Ryukyu kobujutsu or Japanese health and wellness discipline Shindo.



We are located in Tartu - arguably the oldest city in Estonia with about 100,000 inhabitants. Most classes meet at Anne Youth Center, located at 56 Uus Street (see the Google map here). However, for the most up-to-date class info one should contact the instructor responsible for the particular class. Contact information can be obtained by calling our general number below.

All are welcome.

Tartu Budo Club welcomes all who are interested in martial arts and would like to challenge themselves to new experiences. We are also happy to see those with previous martial arts experience join us while in Tartu.

For updates in English on upcoming events, please check our page on Facebook.


How to contact us?

 Mailing address:
C/O Tartu Budoklubi
56 Uus Street
Tartu 50606

Phone: (+372) 55 982 284 
e-mail: info[the at sign here]